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PDQ Powertrike

Patsy brought a couple of PDQ Powertrikes to us with broken control boxes. We fitted one with a Porter 5, and one with a DNO-05 to see if we could get reverse, however we discovered that the motor has a one way clutch that prevents reverse from driving. The standard twist grips were swapped for our Magura throttles, and we fitted one of our key switches to the DNO for security.

WP_20160802_002DNO with key

















Two weeks later Patsy sent us this picture of the neat bag she made to tidy it all up

Patsys powertrike cover

And the verdict:….

"The power box is working briliantly, so speedy that I tend to do wheelies
unless I am careful. The battery is lasting longer too........
Thanks again for doing a great job on the trike."