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Electric Boats

Our controllers have been used in a wide variety of electric boat projects, both in new builds and when converting from diesel to electric.

The Pro-360 is proving very popular for inland waterway use particularly when paired with a Lynch motor. It includes a display that shows voltage, current, and controller temperature. With an optional sensor it can also show motor temperature.

Marine use can be hard on electronics, and high currents can be sustained for long periods. To address this we have recently developed the Pro-360-HC [high capacity] version which is suitable for the larger Lynch 200 series motors and has been fitted to some canal and river boats up to 60′ long.

We have supplied controllers for a diesel electric hybrid drive system on a 40′ catamaran, and a number of boats in the Electric Boat Association use our controllers, have a look at this post on our blog.

We now have water cooled and air cooled heatsinks for the 4QD and Pro-360 controllers which will allow operation at high currents for extended periods. They can be retro-fitted to existing controllers if required.

We have a section in our knowledgebase related to electric boat issues.