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Electric Vehicles

4QD controllers have been built into a wide range of electric vehicles.

We have also provided control systems for electric motorbikes and quads, electric wheel-barrows, model tanks, electric bikes, diwheels, and even an electric surf board.

Our controllers have a long list of features that make them easy to build into a wide variety of vehicles. They can be configured to give smooth progressive acceleration and deceleration, or more dynamic “sporting” performance if required. It is also easy to include an adjustable top speed control. Our new Pro-160 / 360 allow full control over the drive and regen current.

We stock all the accessories you need such as throttles, fuses, switches, cables, and even radio control interfaces.

If you are looking for inspiration for an electric vehicle then Built for Fun EVs have some really nice plans.

Although not really an electric vehicle application, we have seen number of automotive power steering pumps converted to electric drive with a controller allowing fine adjustment of the assistance level. This has proved successful in racing cars where it can increase the available horsepower by removing the pump load on the engine.