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Battery Meters

Most of our controllers are fitted to battery powered systems, these meters can show how much juice you have left.

  • Digital programmable LED battery meter

    Battery Condition Meters (Advanced)

    The BCM-5P series are a digital evolution of our popular LED battery condition meters. With an accurate voltage reference, temperature compensation, and battery protection function they are ideal for use with lithium batteries.
    £18.90£23.94 inc VAT More Info
  • Battery condition meter

    Battery Condition Meters

    The 4QD battery condition meter is a small LED meter board. It is available as a 5 LED version for 24V & 36V, and a 7 LED version for 48V.
    £14.16£15.60 inc VAT More Info
  • LCD battery meter

    LCD Battery Meter

    A neat LCD battery meter that works from 10V to 100V. It has a temperature display, low battery alert, and backlight. It can be switched to work with lead acid, LiPo, or LiFeSo4 batteries.
    £18.90 inc VAT More Info