One of the best things about running 4QD is seeing all the projects that our customers are involved in. This picture is from the Warsash Superyacht Academy and shows their fleet of training vessels. Featuring our Pro-120s and DNO-10s

Superyacht Academy training vessels,
Warsash Superyacht Academy training vessels. Using Pro-120s and DNO-10s

ElectraCraft BayCruiser

I had to share this picture of Michael F’s Bay Cruiser for no other reason than the simply outstanding colours!

liquid cooled electric boat
ElectraCraft BayCruiser using a 4QD-300L

It’s got a 2.5kW motor running at 36V and is controlled by a 4QD-300L with a closed loop fresh water cooling system.


RC Loco in France

Francis Servieres sent us this video of his loco running under radio control. It’s the first time that we know of that this has been allowed in France – well done Francis!

Using a Pro-150 and DMR-213.

Solar boat

The Guys at the Broads Authority sent us this picture of a Kapf Solar boat that they have re-powered using 2 of our 4QD-300X controllers.

Should make for some lovely days out on the water!

solar boat
Kopf solar boar using 2 x 4QD-300X


Electric Monster Truck

Is this a mini monster truck, or a monster mini truck?

Either way it’s a great piece of engineering and a totally new take on what to do when the kids say “Dad, can you build us a car please?”

A water cooled 4QD-300L is fitted to deal with the high currents that this beast needs.

Electric monster truck
Electric monster truck using a 4QD-300L


Here’s a sneak preview of our soon to be launched Softstart. This is a small motor controller stripped down to the basics that gives a progressive start-up ramp to eliminate the large torque spikes that occur if a motor is switched on instantly via a relay or switch. We’ve designed this using a small microprocessor which means that the ramp time is configurable, and also given it a couple of other inputs so that it can be used for a variety of other simple switching tasks. We’ll be making the code available to allow [encourage?] experimentation.

Renault Voiturette

Here’s a lovely rendition of an early Renault Voiturette that a customer has built. It’s using one of our Pro-150s driving a pair of electric scooter motors.

Renault Voiturette
Renault Voiturette with a Pro-150 driving 2 electric scooter motors

Electric Trials Bike

Here’s a prototype electric trials bike that a customer brought in today. Really powerful and very light, it’s using a Lynch motor and one of our 4QD-300s which we are modifying to give the required throttle response.

electric trials bike

Humvee Turret Drive

Here’s one of our Pro-150s driving the turret ring gear on a pretty serious looking Humvee. It’s a challenging application as it has to change direction rapidly, and the EMI and physical environments are hostile.

humvee turret

Water Cooled Dummy Load

Seeing as how we’d melted our air cooled test load, we knew that we needed something that could handle some really high currents. Here’s a quick video showing how we built a water cooled dummy load.

Steeple Cab Electric

This mighty machine has been built by Doug Wilkinson. It weighs in at 1200 lb and is using a 4QD-200.

Doug Wilkinson's Steeple Cab Electric. Using a 4QD-200, and weighing 1200lbs

Scarletts Ferrari

I’ve just got to share this clip of Scarletts Ferrari, it’s using one of our DNO-10s and looks absolutely stunning. I guess that’s what happens when your Dad restores cars for a living – not that I’m jealous – oh no!

Follow the links to see some of the other fantastic cars he’s made.



Steve W sent us this picture of his Robot Wars contestant Gyrobot. It’s using one of our Porter 10XXs to control what must surely be one of the most powerful rotating energy weapons we’ve seen so far. We’ve made some mods for him to allow the current limit to be adjusted, and he’s also trying out a prototype heatsink arrangement to cope with the rather unusual power profile.

gyrobot in robot wars

Panto magic

Mr B sent us this picture of a highly classified Xmas panto prop built out of a commercial scissor table with one of our Porter 10s driving a hydraulic pump.

panto magic

Oh not it’s not……

Cooling results

…and here they are…. the first results for our new range of cooling options for the 4QD-300.

cooling results

The finned air cooled heatsink gives approx 50% increase in performance and this can be increased further if a fan is fitted.

It’s the water cooling that we like the most though, it turns the 4QD-300 into a real powerhouse. More detailed results at higher currents to follow once we have uprated our test rig!

We’re still working out the pricing for these but please get in touch if you are interested.

Water Cooling

Here’s a picture of our embryonic test set up for the soon to be launched water cooled 4QD-300. On the left is our current air cooled load cell, ammeter, and data logger. Front right is the 4QD-300 fitted with the water cooled heatsink. Right rear is the control and pump for the water. We’ve left space for a second pump which will be needed when our water cooled load cell is ready. Can’t wait to run this lot and see what results we get.

water cooled
test rig for water cooled 4qd-300

Tow truck

Jeff Ivers sent us this picture of his tow truck that he uses to haul a gravity racer to the start line.

Fitted with one of our Pro-150s

Uprated 4QD-300

Here’s a sneak peak at our uprated 4QD-300X. We’ve had a custom heatsink made which really improves it’s ability to handle high currents for extended times. During testing it melted our test rig and was still only warm to the touch! Full details will be announced once we’ve built a new test rig.

The heatsink itself will also be available as an aftermarket upgrade.



We’ve also got a water cooled version coming soon that will take things even further, and be particularly suitable for electric boats.


PDQ Powertrike

Patsy brought a couple of PDQ Powertrikes to us with broken control boxes. We fitted one with a Porter 5, and one with a DNO-05 to see if we could get reverse, however we discovered that the motor has a one way clutch that prevents reverse from driving. The standard twist grips were swapped for our Magura throttles, and we fitted one of our key switches to the DNO for security.

WP_20160802_002DNO with key

















Two weeks later Patsy sent us this picture of the neat bag she made to tidy it all up

Patsys powertrike cover

And the verdict:….

"The power box is working briliantly, so speedy that I tend to do wheelies
unless I am careful. The battery is lasting longer too........
Thanks again for doing a great job on the trike."

Enduro bike

Chris Sharpe sent us these pictures of his enduro bike. It’s running a 4QD-300 controller, Lifepo4 batteries, and an Agni 95 motor.

Chris Sharpe 1 Chris Sharpe 2

Product testing

Here’s Charlie having his first go at driving a loco. Thanks to Pete Ottley of Riverside Models for letting him try out his Class 37 at ndsme

Running a Pro-120 with switchable radio control / hand throttle.


A grand day out

A big thank you to the Electric Boat Association for inviting us along on their trip around St Ives / Earith.

Electric boats 1

In the foreground is Cedric Lynch’s remarkable electric canoe. It has no batteries [apart from a very small one to “get under bridges”], uses a small Lynch motor, a model aircraft propellor, and one of our old 1QD controllers. Goes jolly fast it does too!

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