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4QD started out providing DC motor control for the UK golf cart, model engineering, and electric boat markets, but word spread and our controllers now go into an amazingly wide variety of applications worldwide.

Just a few of the latest ones that we are proud of include;

  • An electric chain ferry.
  • Fair ground rides [converting from 110V ac to 48V dc].
  • A target drone robot for a shooting range.
  • Film set, TV studio, and special effects projects.
  • Robot wars [house robots and contestants].
  • Hydraulic pump control; soft starting and power limiting for power steering systems, marine equipment, and general machinery.
  • Proportional control of yacht bow thrusters.
  • LED light bar dimmer.
  • Cable cameras for stadiums.
  • Formula 1 pit equipment [but we’re sworn to secrecy 😥 ]
  • Electric motorbikes.
  • A heavy handling truck in a nuclear waste facility [and we do mean heavy….16 tonnes].
  • Greenpower cars, including many race winners and series champions.
  • Stage props for theatre productions.
  • Agricultural machinery [feeding and handling equipment].
  • Military equipment
    • Machine gun turret control.
    • A rapid rope ascending device.
    • A naval cable handling system.
  • An underwater camera drone.
  • Clay pigeon launchers.
  • High power mountain bikes [including one with 2 wheel drive!]
  • An autonomous arctic explorer
  • Numerous university research projects such as the Warwick Rail Challenge

Here are some pictures of a few of our favourites but there are a lot more throughout the site.

i.e pretty much anything that has a DC brushed electric motor up to 84V  and 360A.

We are a UK company and love helping to get small and unusual projects working.

If you have a dc motor control project then why not give us a call on 01487 450520.

These pages have more detail on our most popular areas.

Model Locomotives

Golf buggies

Industrial machinery

Electric vehicles

Electric boats