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Magura Twist Grip Throttle

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A motorcycle type twist grip throttle that has an internal 5k potentiometer. It is suitable for use with all 4QD controllers and is popular with Greenpower cars and electric motorcycles.

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Twist-grip throttle with:

  • Spring return to zero.
  • Suitable for all controllers made by 4QD.
  • 90° twist gives zero to full speed (0-100% of pot travel).
  • 5K pot.
  • Integral tube clamp for 22mm diameter tube.
  • Cable supplied is 1.7m long, 3 core 16/0.2mm [note: this is too thick to reliably connect with the IDC connectors used on our controllers, we recommend using a short length of our CMC-703 cable and a 3 way splicing connector.

Wiring: for connecting the Magura to the Pro and DNO series controllers the following table gives the colour translation.


Pro / DNO


Green [ground]


Blue [wiper]


Red [pot top]

It is rated to the German standard DIN IEC Teil 2-17 Qc2, which corresponds approximately to IP64.

We have a hall effect twist grip throttle here, this is a lower cost [and more available] alternative that can be used with most of our controllers.


The manual is available in PDF formats:

Adobe_PDF_file_icon_32x32   Read manual

The manual is designed to be printed double-sided in A4 booklet format. To print the booklet from the PDF on a double-sided printer, select Booklet in the Page Size & Handling section of the print window, and set Orientation to Portrait.

We have an engineering drawing of the throttle here.