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Battery Meters
Battery Condition MetersThe 4QD battery condition meter is a small LED meter board. It is available as a 5 LED version for 24V & 36V, and a 7 LED version for 48V.Battery condition meter
Battery Condition Meters (Advanced)The BCM-5P series are a digital evolution of our popular LED battery condition meters. With an accurate voltage reference, temperature compensation, and battery protection function they are ideal for use with lithium batteries.Digital programmable LED battery meter
LCD Battery MeterA neat LCD battery meter that works from 10V to 100V. It has a temperature display, low battery alert, and backlight. It can be switched to work with lead acid, LiPo, or LiFeSo4 batteries.LCD battery meter
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Chassis Lead for Hand Control BoxA 1m chassis lead to connect the hand control to the motor speed controller and the optional horn relay board.chassis lead
Control Cable – Multicore7 x 0.2mm multicore cable, the correct size for wiring our controller IDC connectors to switches and potentiometers.Multicore cable picture
Control Cable – RibbonRibbon control cable used for wiring the motor controller to switches/potentiometers. This can be used as an alternative to multicore cable where your application requires the cabling to be flat. Available in 6 way or 8 way ribbon.Ribbon cable
Power CablePower cable is available in 2.5mm, 4.0mm, 6.0mm & 10mm cross sectional areas. Red, black, blue, and yellow. Sold by the metre.power cable group
Power Lead SetsA set of 4 pre-crimped power leads with high quality, professionally crimped terminals suitable for use with our controllers. There are variants of thickness and connector type.Power lead set
Pro-160/360 display & keypad extension leadsDisplay and keypad extension leads for the display adaptor board, or separate mounting of the LCD display.Extension lead
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CONI connectorA robust, 3 pin connector often used with our throttles.Coni connectors
Crimp connectorsPush on crimp connectors for use on power leads.crimp connectors
DIN connectorsAn 8 pin DIN plug & socket as used in our RBT hand control throttle box and CLM-806 chassis lead.DIN connectors
IDC ConnectorsIDC control wire connectors.IDC range
IDC pinstrip connectorsPinstrip IDC connectors as used on our controller boards.IDC pinstrips
Jumper linkA pack of 5 jumper links.Jumper link
PCB tab connectorA 9.5mm push-on tab connector as used on our PRO range of 9-5mm
RFK crimp connectorsA crimp version of the standard IDC connector.RFK crimps and housings
Ring connectorsUn-insulated ring connectors for 2.5mm² to 10mm² cable. Sold in packs of 4.
Splicing ConnectorA splicing connector with spring-loaded clamps operated by pressing a small lever, very useful for joining wires of unequal size.3 way splicing connector
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DNO: Reversing, 12V – 36V, 100A.A popular mid-sized controller with built-in reversing suitable for use in 12V to 36V applications.
DNOs are commonly used in small / mid-sized locos, electric vehicles and industrial applications.
motor control, reversing pwm controller for model locomotives
Porter: Single direction, 12V – 48V, 100A.The Porter range are tough, low cost, single direction controllers that are particularly suitable for karts, golf caddies, electric bikes, equipment handling, and industrial applications.speed control, single direction, electric motor controller
Pro-100: 12V – 48V, 100A, programmable.Our new Pro-100 has been designed specifically with industrial applications in mind. It's a little brother to the Pro-160, just as clever but not quite as strong. About as strong as the DNO-10 but much smarter.Pro-100 motor controller
Pro-150: Reversing, 24v – 48v, 110A, programmable.The Pro-150 is a mid-size digital controller, suitable for motor currents up to 110A. It is commonly used in mid-sized locos, golf buggies, and industrial applications requiring some customisation of performance characteristics. The Pro-150 will be discontinued soon, and is replaced by the Pro-100/Pro-160 model.Pro-150 with new cover
Pro-160: 12V – 84V, 200A, programmable.The Pro-160 is the new kid on our block. Its unique detachable LCD display lets you see battery voltage, current, and temperature. It's got inputs for radio control, dead mans handle, slow / fast modes, motor temperature, speed sensing, limit switches and more.Pro-160 PWM programmable motor speed controller
Pro-360: 12V – 84V, 360A, programmable.The Pro-360 is our new high power controller. The LCD display shows you voltage, current, and temperature. It's got inputs for radio control, dead mans handle, slow / fast modes, motor temperature, speed sensing, limit switches and more. Air and liquid cooled options are available.New pro-360 cover
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Fuses & Protection
Blade fuses and holdersBlade type fuse holder/fuses that connect via 6.3mm push-on connectors.Blade fuses
Catching diodeIf you have relays, horns, or other inductive components fitted to your vehicle, you should fit a catching diode across each one to prevent a damaging voltage spike.Catching diode
Ceramic capacitorsA pack of 5, 10nF / 100V ceramic capacitors for motor noise suppression.motor suppression capacitors
Circuit breakerB curve circuit breaker.breaker
Ferrite ringFerrite ring for motor noise suppressionferrite ring
High current fusesHigh current fuses and holders up to 350Afuses and holder
Interference Suppression PacksComponents to reduce interference and help extend the life of your controller.interference suppression
Self-resetting fuse – 0.9AA 0.9A self-resetting fuse used to repair blown fuse tracks on our controllers.Self-resetting fuse
Standard Fuse – 1AA 20mm, 1A fuse. Used on the 4QD controller range when a wiring fault blows the fuse track.1A fuse
Transient suppressorsHeavy duty transient suppressors.transient suppressors
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Air Cooled HeatsinksThis finned, air cooled heatsink can be used to significantly extend the performance of the Pro-360 or 4QD-300. The blue line on this graph shows the internal temperature rise compared to the standard model. This graph was produced with a 4QD-300 in still air, if a PC case type fan is added then the performance ... Read moreair cooled heatsink
Liquid Cooled HeatsinksThis liquid cooled heatsink can be used to greatly extend the performance of the Pro-360 or the 4QD-300 The green line on this graph shows how the internal temperature barely increased after 14 minutes running at a constant 100A [the water flow rate was 3l/mi] The pipe end fittings are suitable for 10mm i/d pipe. ... Read moreliquid cooled heatsink
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Controller Test BoardTo help track down wiring issues we've created this multi-purpose controller test board. It works by temporarily taking the place of the normal control wiring, and helps to identify and isolate problems.Controller test board
Digital dual channel interfaceA dual channel interface board that lets a single dual axis joystick control two independent motor controllers for skid steer dual channel interface
Ditch Light FlasherA flasher unit that provides a timed flashing function for model loco ditch lights.ditch light flasher
Double Heading BoardThis board allows a single handset or radio control set to drive two of our controllers for double heading [or MU] operation.
Dual-Channel Radio Control InterfaceA general purpose dual-channel radio-control interface providing proportional motor speed control from a standard radio control control
Hall throttle adaptorThis adaptor allows 5V hall effect throttles to work with our DNO controllers.hall to pot adaptor
Horn Relay BoardThese relay boards are designed to control 3 or 4 relays from one of our hand throttles. It has a number of "break points" on the circuit board that gives it a lot of flexibility to be used with [e.g. sound] systems that require isolated switch inputs.relay board
Joystick Interface BoardA joystick (wig-wag) interface board for single-axis control. The joystick board transforms the speed control to give a centre-zero operation: Move the lever forward to go forward, moving the lever back selects reverse.joystick interface
Porter 3 SpeedA 3 position top speed limiter for the Porter controller. Ideal for Greenpower cars to balance the power available to all 3 drivers. Also allows advanced race strategies to be used.Porter 3 speed
PRO 150 Display / ProgrammerThe programming and display unit for the PRO-150 controller. This is required if you wish to change the operational characteristics of the controller from the standard settings.PRO 150 Display / Programmer
Sound Card ConvertorAn interface card that replicates the servo signal from a standard radio control receiver, and allows a 4QD controller to drive a sound card that requires a PWM control input, such as the ESS-dual from Sense Innovations.
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Miscellaneous Parts
Bell throttle partsSpare parts for the bell throttle assembly.bell throttle parts
KnobsTo go with our 10k rotary potentiometers.knobs
Power Diode for Series Wound MotorsDiode module 200v 250A for series wound applicationspower diode
PRO BaseThe base/heatsink for the PRO-120 and PRO-150 base
PRO CoverThe black plastic cover for the PRO-120 and PRO-150 cover
RelaysThe relays used in our DNO and PRO-150 controllers.relays
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Pro-160/360 Accessories
LCD DisplayThe LCD display used on the PRO-160/PRO-360 controllers, and the remote adaptor board.The LCD display used on the PRO-160 and PRO-360
Pro-160/360 display & keypad extension leadsDisplay and keypad extension leads for the display adaptor board, or separate mounting of the LCD display.Extension lead
Pro-160/360 Display Adaptor BoardThe Pro-160 display adaptor board allows the LCD from the Pro-160 to be mounted separately from the controller itself for more convenient viewing.Pro-160 display adaptor board
Pro-160/360 Remote Display BoxThis remote display box allows the LCD from the Pro-160/360 to be mounted separately from the controller itself for more convenient viewing and adjustment of settings.Remote display box
Rugged Display / ProgrammerThis rugged PRO-100/160/360 display/programmer box was designed for those who are installing multiple controllers, or who need a floating display that's a bit more robust.Rugged display and programmer box for the Pro series
Speed SensorSpeed sensor suitable for use with the Pro-160 / 360.speed sensor
Temperature SensorTemperature sensor suitable for use with the Pro-160 / 360.Temperature sensor
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Battery Isolator SwitchA 100A battery isolator switch with removable key, splash guard and cap.battery isolator
Key switchA key switch with double pole, single throw [ DPST] contacts, ideal for use as an ignition switch where security is required.key switch
Magnetic Kill SwitchA magnetic kill switch for mounting through a panel.magnetic kill switch
Miniature toggle switchA miniature toggle switch, for a 6.3mm panel hole. Available in an on/off, or on/off/on version. Current rating 5A.Miniature on-off toggle switch
Push button switchesLatching, and non-latching.push button
Rocker switchA miniature rocker switch as used for the forward/reverse switch in our reversing hand control box.SRK-101
Toggle switchA toggle switch, for a 12mm panel hole. Available in an on/off, or on/off/on version. Current rating 10A.10A on-off switch
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Throttles (pots)
Bell Throttle PotThe 'Naked Bell Assembly' is a finger-tip throttle assembly using our 50° 10K pot. It has a spring return to zero and is supplied with a mounting bracket and a vinyl-capped lever.throttle assembly
Hall Effect Twist Grip ThrottleThis throttle uses a hall effect sensor to give an output voltage of 1v - 4v.hall effect twist grip throttle
Hand Control BoxThis hand control box is used on many model locomotives. It is an ergonomic hand control with an integral battery condition indicator and horn and lighting switches which connect to the Horn Relay Board (HRB).RBT-24V
Joystick Single AxisA single axis joystick with a built in 5k pot. These have a self centering action which makes them ideal for model locos or vehicles that need a deadmans' handle type control.Joystick single axis
Long Life PotentiometerA long life potentiometer, good for 2 million operations
Magura Twist Grip ThrottleA motorcycle type twist grip throttle that has an internal 5k potentiometer. It is suitable for use with all 4QD controllers and is popular with Greenpower cars and electric motorcycles.Magura and grip
Plunger PotA 5k plunger operated pot very popular for incorporation into a foot pedal.  Plunger pot
Plunger Pot 10KA new alternative to our long standing 5k Plunger Pot. Smaller and easier to mount in some applicationsplunger pot 10k
Shunter BoxThe shunter box is a basic hand held control box to allow forward and reverse operation only. There is no spring return to zero, or lights or horn switches. It was designed for those who need the simplest possible hand control.shunter box basic hand control
Simple potentiometerWe stock two basic 10k pots; a standard 300°, and our own 50° version.simple potentiometer
Throttle Lever – 120′A robust rotary throttle control lever with a hall effect sensor. Non self centering and ideal for electric boat or model tram control. Has removable stops at 120 degrees, and removable detent.  hall effect throttle lever
Thumb ThrottleThese are cost effective thumb throttles using a 5V hall effect sensor. They work well plugged straight into the Porter range, and the Pro-150 / 160 can be easily programmed to work with them.
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