Throttles (pots)

Most motors need to have a throttle, we have a selection here.

  • Thumb Throttle

    These are cost effective thumb throttles using a 5V hall effect sensor. They work well plugged straight into the Porter range, and the Pro-150 / 160 can be easily programmed to work with them. They Read More
    £15.00 More Info
  • Joystick single axis

    Joystick Single Axis

    A single axis joystick with a built in 5k pot. These have a self centering action which makes them ideal for model locos or vehicles that need a deadmans’ handle type control. When paired with Read More
    £51.00 More Info
  • shunter box basic hand control

    Shunter Box

    The shunter box is a basic hand held control box to allow forward and reverse operation only. There is no spring return to zero, or lights or horn switches. It was designed for those who Read More
    £25.20 More Info
  • simple potentiometer

    Simple potentiometer

    We stock two basic 10k pots; a standard 300°, and our own 50° version.
    £3.00£4.20 More Info
  • Magura and grip

    Magura Twist Grip Throttle

    A twist grip throttle which is suitable for use with all 4QD controllers.
    £7.20£56.88 More Info
  • RBT-24V

    Hand Control Box

    The reversing bell throttle hand control box is popular with the model locomotive community. It is an ergonomic hand control with an integral battery condition indicator and horn and lighting switches which connect to the Horn Relay Board (HRB).
    £45.00 More Info
  • throttle assembly

    Bell Throttle Pot

    The 'Naked Bell Assembly' is a finger-tip throttle assembly using our 50° 10K pot. It has a spring return to zero and is supplied with a mounting bracket and a vinyl-capped lever.
    £15.24 More Info
  • Plunger pot

    Plunger Pot

    A 5k plunger operated pot very popular for incorporation into a foot pedal.
    £29.64£34.02 More Info
  • plunger pot 10k

    Plunger Pot 10K

    A new alternative to our long standing 5k Plunger Pot. Smaller and easier to mount in some applications
    £24.60 More Info
  • Long Life Potentiometer

    A long life potentiometer, good for 2 million operations
    £18.90 More Info