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4QD controllers have been built into a wide variety of robots taking part in Robot Wars and BattleBots. The house robots  such as Major Damage and Sir Killalot use 2 x 4QD-300 controlled via a DMR-203 radio control interface to provide really heavy duty traction control. Weapons that only need single direction control are often powered by our Porter 10.

We have also helped develop control systems for industrial robots such as the BoarBot by Swine Robotics.

Our new Pro-160 and Pro-360 have a direct radio control input, as well as provision for fitting extra surge suppression.

A popular solution for drive motors is 2 x DNO-10 controllers linked by our DMR-203 radio control interface. A more advanced set up for tank steering is to use 2 x Pro-160 controllers and mix throttle and steering in the transmitter.

Warning: Fighting robots are hostile places for electronics! we’ve put a few thoughts and protection tips together on this page.

There are also some robot related articles in our knowledge base.