We have a number of interfaces to help you make your controller do exactly the job you want

  • Sound Card Convertor

    An interface card that replicates the servo signal from a standard radio control receiver, and allows a 4QD controller to drive a sound card that requires a PWM control input, such as the ESS-dual from Sense Innovations.
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  • radio control

    Dual-Channel Radio Control Interface

    The DMR-203 is a general purpose dual-channel radio-control interface providing proportional motor speed control from a standard radio control system. It accepts two standard Pulse Position Modulated inputs from the RC receiver and converts these to a suitable signal to operate two of our controllers, such as the DNO, PRO or 4QD ranges.
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  • relay board

    Horn Relay Board

    These relay boards are designed to control 3 or 4 relays from one of our hand throttles. Often used for lights and horns on model locomotives they can be used in many other applications. The circuit allows control of either 3 or 4 relays with only 2 or 3 wires. It also has a number of "break points" on the circuit board that gives it a lot of flexibility to be used with [e.g. sound] systems that require isolated switch inputs.
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  • PRO 150 Display / Programmer

    PRO 150 Display / Programmer

    The programming and display unit for the PRO-150 controller. This is required if you wish to change the operational characteristics of the controller from the standard settings.
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  • SST Programming Lead Set

    Picaxe programming leads to connect the SST range to a PC.
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  • Controller test board

    Controller Test Board

    To help track down wiring issues we've created this multi-purpose controller test board. It works by temporarily taking the place of the normal control wiring, and helps to identify and isolate problems.
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  • joystick interface

    Joystick Interface Board

    A joystick (wig-wag) interface board for single-axis control. The joystick board transforms the speed control to give a centre-zero operation: Move the lever forward to go forward, moving the lever back selects reverse.
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