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Fuses & Protection

We have a range of components to protect your controller and wiring.

  • interference suppression

    Interference Suppression Packs

    Components to reduce interference and help extend the life of your controller.
    £2.88£4.50 inc VAT More Info
  • transient suppressors

    Transient suppressors

    Heavy duty transient suppressors.
    £2.34£2.40 inc VAT More Info
  • fuses and holder

    High current fuses

    High current fuses and holders up to 350A
    £7.86£18.72 inc VAT More Info
  • ferrite ring

    Ferrite ring

    Ferrite ring for motor noise suppression
    £1.50£2.94 inc VAT More Info
  • breaker

    Circuit breaker

    B curve circuit breaker.
    £11.82 inc VAT More Info
  • motor suppression capacitors

    Ceramic capacitors

    A pack of 5, 10nF / 100V ceramic capacitors for motor noise suppression.
    £1.62 inc VAT More Info
  • Self-resetting fuse

    Self-resetting fuse – 0.9A

    A 0.9A self-resetting fuse used to repair blown fuse tracks on our controllers.
    £1.14 inc VAT More Info
  • 1A fuse

    Standard Fuse – 1A

    A 20mm, 1A fuse. Used on the 4QD controller range when a wiring fault blows the fuse track.
    £0.24 inc VAT More Info
  • Blade fuses

    Blade fuses and holders

    Blade type fuse holder/fuses that connect via 6.3mm push-on connectors.
    £0.66£2.34 inc VAT More Info
  • Catching diode

    Catching diode

    If you have relays, horns, or other inductive components fitted to your vehicle, you should fit a catching diode across each one to prevent a damaging voltage spike.
    £0.78 inc VAT More Info