This is our range of PWM motor speed controllers that can be used in a wide variety of applications using DC brushed permanent magnet electric motors.

PWM motor speed controllers

To choose the appropriate controller for your application you need to know the current and voltage requirements, and also decide whether you need reversing capability. We’ve put together some flow charts on this page which can help you make your selection. Please feel free to give us a call, we’re always happy to talk about how we can help get your motor control project up and running.

  • Pro-160 PWM otor speed controller

    Pro-160: 12V – 84V, 200A, programmable.

    The Pro-160 is the new kid on our block. A full H-bridge controller without relays it can operate from 12V - 84V and up to 200A. It has a built in radio control input, a detachable LCD display, and a high degree of configurability.  
    £240.00£289.00 More Info
  • motor control, reversing pwm controller for model locomotives

    DNO: Reversing, 12V – 36V, 100A.

    A popular mid-sized controller with built-in reversing suitable for use in 12V to 36V applications.
    DNOs are commonly used in small / mid-sized locos, electric vehicles and industrial applications.
    £93.00£109.50 More Info
  • dc motor controller, heavy duty, full bridge, 4 quadrant,

    4QD range: Reversing, 24V – 60V, 300A

    The 4QD-200 and 4QD-300 are heavy duty 4 quadrant motor speed controllers for currents up to 300A. They are suitable for larger locos, battery powered vehicles, electric boats, and any application that needs a really powerful controller. They are fully electronic with no internal relays, and have many fail-safes built in for reliable long time use. Available with enhanced air or liquid cooling.
    £249.00£399.00 More Info
  • speed control, single direction, electric motor controller

    Porter: Single direction, 12V – 48V, 100A.

    The Porter range are tough, low cost, single direction controllers that are particularly suitable for karts, golf caddies, electric bikes, equipment handling, and industrial applications.
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  • programmable motor controller, digital pwm control, easy to use

    Pro-150: Reversing, 24v – 48v, 110A, programmable.

    The Pro-150 is a mid-size digital controller, suitable for motor currents up to 110A. It is commonly used in mid-sized locos, golf buggies, and industrial applications requiring more customisation of performance characteristics. The Pro-150 is electrically and mechanically interchangeable with the Pro-120 in most applications.
    £154.50£195.00 More Info
  • soft starter, programmable controller, pwm electric motor control

    SST: Single direction 12V – 35V, 30A, Programmable

    A small, low cost, versatile, single direction programmable controller. Based on a Picaxe microcontroller it is suitable for a wide range of motor control projects, particularly those requiring an element of customisation.
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