Industrial - 4QD - Electric Motor Control


We have helped engineers from many sectors develop motor control solutions.

  • Film industry / special effects
  • Agriculture
  • Materials handling
  • Defence
  • Motorsport
  • Small electric vehicles
  • Marine
  • Robotics

We have the products, advice, and support for engineers and mechanics designing pretty much anything with a low voltage DC brushed electric motor. Whether you’re at the concept stage, or nearly ready for production we can help get your product moving just the way you want it. We design, manufacture, and write code for all our products, and are able to do customisation for volume orders if required.

Here is a small selection of our favourite projects……

Other examples are

  • Electric torque wrench [railway]
  • Camera equipment [film / special effects]
  • Scissor hoists [garage equipment]
  • Hydraulic pump speed control [agriculture and marine]
  • Automated feeding, and livestock handling [agriculture]
  • Factory and warehouse handling equipment [automotive and retail]
  • Greenhouse window systems [agriculture]
  • Winch control [marine and automotive]
  • Fuel transfer systems [motorsport]
  • Fluid pumps in equipment large and small.
  • Field winding current control for a  large steelworks gantry crane
  • Test equipment in the semiconductor industry
  • Falconry lures
  • and many, many more……

If you are designing industrial machinery using PM DC motors  then our Pro-160 or Pro-360 could be what you need. These versatile H-bridge controllers can work up to 84V and have a wide range of features and control options. They include an on-board programmer to make setting up easy.

If you just need basic fast and slow, backwards and forwards, then our DNO and Porter models are rugged workhorses that have been built into thousands of installations worldwide.