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We have a range of connectors to help you get your motor controller wired up.

  • crimp connectors

    Crimp connectors

    Push on crimp connectors for use on power leads.
    £3.18£3.30 inc VAT More Info
  • Ring connectors

    Un-insulated ring connectors for 2.5mm² to 10mm² cable. Sold in packs of 4.
    £0.66£3.54 inc VAT More Info
  • IDC range

    IDC Connectors

    IDC control wire connectors.
    £0.72£1.08 inc VAT More Info
  • DIN connectors

    DIN connectors

    An 8 pin DIN plug & socket as used in our RBT hand control throttle box and CLM-806 chassis lead.
    £3.72£4.44 inc VAT More Info
  • Coni connectors

    CONI connector

    A robust, 3 pin connector often used with our throttles.
    £0.36£0.90 inc VAT More Info
  • 3 way splicing connector

    Splicing Connector

    A splicing connector with spring-loaded clamps operated by pressing a small lever, very useful for joining wires of unequal size.
    £0.48£0.90 inc VAT More Info
  • RFK crimps and housings

    RFK crimp connectors

    A crimp version of the standard IDC connector.
    £0.24£0.72 inc VAT More Info
  • tab 9-5mm

    PCB tab connector

    A 9.5mm push-on tab connector as used on our PRO range of controllers.
    £0.48 inc VAT More Info
  • Jumper link

    Jumper link

    A pack of 5 jumper links.
    £0.84 inc VAT More Info
  • IDC pinstrips

    IDC pinstrip connectors

    Pinstrip IDC connectors as used on our controller boards.
    £0.42£0.90 inc VAT More Info