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Pro-160 update 2

Here it is, the first complete sample of our new Pro-160 😀  😀  😀  It’s a modular, relay free, full H-bridge progression from the Pro-150.

The testing is coming along nicely, we had it running happily at 100A today and the mosfets were only just starting to get warm. The main software elements are all working now, we just need to stitch them all together with the UI.


The headline features are:

  • Up to 250A and 84V depending on mosfets, capacitors, and heatsink fitted [water cooling will be available].
  • 2 x 16 digit display [can be remotely mounted].
  • Multiple control modes e.g. open loop, RPM, and current control.
  • Radio control input.
  • Inputs for
    • Deadmans handle
    • Emergency stop
    • Travel limits
    • Battery and motor temperature
  • Separate communications board.


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