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Pro-160 Launched

Yep it’s finally happened – our Pro-160 has started to roll off the production line.

Our Pro-160 has now been launched

Pro-160 with split display adaptor
Pro-160 with split display adaptor

We’re really pleased with the way this controller has turned out, it’s a stronger, smarter, and better looking brother to the Pro-150.

We set out to design a controller with all the features you’ve been asking us for. The brief was for a full H-bridge controller to do away with reversing relays for long term reliability, you wanted full control over the motor current in both drive and regen modes, and you also wanted lots of inputs for radio control, temperature and speed sensors, dead-mans handles, and limit switches etc. You also asked us for a wider voltage range, so we’ve made one that works from 12 – 84V.

We gave it a unique detachable display that you can mount conveniently to show you exactly what your motor and battery are doing.

A single switch lets you quickly switch between any two profiles, e.g. fast / slow, or handset / RC.

Oh, and we also added a uSD card slot to make adding new features via software updates easy.

All of this adds up to a highly versatile controller ideally suited to a wide range of hobby and industrial users.

Think it’s safe to say mission accomplished!……. come and have a look.


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