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Pro-100 Display / Keypad Options

The Pro-100 was designed primarily for industrial applications which do not usually require a display or keypad to be fitted. If you are purchasing a single Pro-100, or installing it in a hobbyist application you may wish to include a display and / or a keypad, we have a number of options…..

LCD Option

A single external display. If you are happy to use the default programming of the Pro-100 [see manual for details], then this display can be mounted externally to the Pro-100 to show all operational data such as battery voltage, current, temperature, and warnings. The manual has full details of what data can be shown. This option includes a 1m lead.

The LCD display used on the PRO-160 and PRO-360

LCD & Keypad Option

A display adaptor board. If you wish to modify the settings of the Pro-100 then this display adaptor board provides the lowest cost solution. Be sure to select the version with the LCD. This option includes 1m leads.


There are other display/programmers available…..

A remote display box. This box provides a convenient way to have both the display and keypad mounted away from the Pro-100 and visible to the operator.

Remote display box

A rugged display / programmer. This was designed for those who are installing multiple controllers, or who need a floating display that’s a bit more robust.

Rugged display and programmer box for the Pro series