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Winning Greenpower F24 kit car

We like this overhead shot of 3 teams from the recent Greenpower Goodwood event. We’re particularly proud of the Team Chicken car from Bromsgrove School at the bottom of the frame, these guys kindly ran one of our prototype Porter 10XXX units, I’ll let them take up the story of how it went……

Winning Greenpower
Winning Greenpower F24 kit car with experimental Porter 10XXX


“Firstly, we were able to complete approximately another lap further than the xx.  And this then leads me onto the best factor we had from the xxx.  The tail off seemed to be much, much, much slower.  Before we would go strong, slow a little and then very slow for the last lap or so.  The xxx allowed us to keep pushing at a far faster pace with only losing a few seconds per lap (over a 2.4 mile Goodwood lap)  during the last few laps.  This then allowed us to gear up and get the Kitcar to an average 26.5MPH over a race.  Your controller did not heat up at all.  The only cooling we had on it was a computer heatsink with thermal paste.  We came first Kitcar by several laps, and 8th/11th  overall out of 100 teams (43 Kitcars).  It was so impressive that we are looking at gearing right up next season if tests continue to be successful.”

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