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I wanted to express my gratitude for your prompt response and for taking care of the repairs.
Your companies attention to detail and professionalism throughout the repair process is commendable. It's reassuring to work with a company that is reliable and dedicated to providing excellent service. We truly appreciate your efforts in resolving the issues promptly and efficiently.

WG    23rd June 2023  

Installation was a breeze with your unit, it was for a one of custom golf buggy that originally had one of your older units.

PR    12th June 2023  

Thank you so much for your speedy reply and help with our problem. I have dealt with your company in the past and can't say enough good things about it!
Great products and great customer service.

BW    6th June 2023  

I would like to express how refreshing it is to deal with a helpful company such as yourselves, and would like to acknowledge all your asistance and thank you so very much.

MC    22nd May 2023  

I purchased a DNO-10 for the barrow i built and this has proven to be a fantastic piece of kit and does everything i asked of it.
Would like to thank you for this product.Am very happy thank you

JW    4th May 2023  

Many thanks for your prompt attention, I purchased 4QD because I was told your after care is good, you have now proved that

RP    3rd November 2022  

I would like to thank all the staff for what you did to help me get back on the road, it was so easy to connect up compared to the old one that came off the tricycle.
And the price is really good, before coming to you I had spent over £200 on people who say they could do the job and never got it done. So once again thank to all of you for sorting it out, I know what to do next time I have any problems.

CM    8th March 2022  

I have to say you have the best service I have ever seen. I ordered my controller and in less than 48 hours later, I have it here in the U.S. I can’t get that type of service across my own state. Thanks again!


SS    29th October 2021  

Hi Erica
Many thanks for sorting out the repair of my controller.

With the better weather been out trying the new controller with my train. It’s great, excellent smooth control, especially at low speed - easy to creep. Stopping is also smooth with the regenerative braking, also helps on down gradient. In all it’s a pleasure to use.

I will highly recommend it.

PJ    28th October 2021  

I would like to say a big thank you to the staff of 4 QD for such
efforts during this C19 situation, the way that the Team go out of
their way to help us in the Model fraternity is much admired by us


Dr MS    28th October 2021  

I am very impressed with the smooth way these controllers work; the effectiveness of the regeneration braking; the low speed operation; and the way my 7 year old grandson is able to operate the loco in general with granddad on a 2nd drivers truck to keep an eye on things. I just wish I had made the change to 4QD sooner.

JE    23rd July 2021  

No real changes, only had to setup my joysticks really. The controllers are so good I definitely think it's possible to 'balance' the device so the rider/pilot/idiot can be upside down or any other position. The manoeuvrability is extreme and so responsive. Lot more testing and learning to be done!

DS    7th July 2021  

My controllers arrived this morning without incident. Thank you very much for your help. Your company is the finest I’ve ever had the pleasure of doing business with. Excellent products, and excellent service. The way business should be.

GA    31st March 2021  

I have contacted you all before regarding some aspects of my build, and I will say you and 4qd have made the process not only enjoyable but much more knowledgeable. You are one of the only companies that actually responds and does so in a timely manner! Thank you so much for the help!

LR    25th March 2021  

We use a 4QD Controller in our 7 1/2 gauge model diesel loco and it works great. We have been using this unit for several years and it still works as new. I had some questions from here in the USA and they answered me in minutes, on a weekend. Great product with fabulous support! Hank Gallo. Superintendent of Operations. Maricopa Live Steamers, Phoenix, AZ, USA

HG    13th September 2020  

Hi Steve,
I thought you’d like to know the end of this tale as I’ve just gotten back from fixing up the tram.
Basically it all works perfectly, now - fitting the extra suppressors and using a screened cable for the expansion circuits has done the trick.
Thanks for your advice - I don’t know if or when I’ll be building another electric miniature railway project, but if/when I do one it will use 4QD electronics.

RE    8th July 2020  

To all the staff at 4QD, thank you for helping me to get the Toylander Land Rover car back on the road.
It's going to make an 8 year old little boy a very happy bunny I understand from his father, who has purchased it from me, and is collecting it tomorrow, Tuesday 15th of October ready for a delivery by Father Christmas on the 25th of December.
I really do appreciate the courtesy, patience and expertise extended to me in my time of need.

BT    15th October 2019  

Good morning Erica (NZ time).
The NZ Pony Express has just delivered the above order to me.
Can I say that the response and the service, beginning with my initial enquiry such a short time ago - have been astounding when one recognises the distance between buyer and supplier. My thanks to all involved.

So our world is not such a huge planet after all!

GG    11th October 2019  

I wired the voltage pot just like the schematic that you sent me and it works great!!! The programming went fine also. .. Everything seems to be working great.
.. I drove the car for a little over a mile yesterday evening.

Thanks for all of your help and guidance
You have a great product.

KM    12th September 2019  

Nothing but praise for the professional service from this company. Came to our aid with a free test board for our loco controller. Worthing Model Engineers

LG    9th August 2019  

Hi, thanks again for the great customer service. It was as you predicted, the throttle had a broken wire.
Much appreciated.

JW    20th July 2019  

We have finally found time to test out the model diesel locomotive with your control system fitted. Basically, it has totally transformed it.
The loco is now highly responsive, powerful, and quiet-running. The thumb wheel on the hand set is beautifully intuitive, and inherently safe. The battery condition display is clear. The sound system now works in harmony with the power setting, which it did not previously do. The plug and socket connecting the hand set are easy to operate.
We now feel confident to run the model more frequently, and to take it to the various tracks around the country.

TC    25th June 2019  

Hi sales team

It’s been a long time since I bought my controllers from you for my robot of many years ago.
But thank you for helping my friend Sam out with some speed controllers for a special effect with minimal time. The link below shows the 4 battery powered fans running your controllers.
Thank you for your help and timely response if only all companies could be link you!

Keep up the great work.

GD    24th June 2019  

I have got the pedal that Steve configured for me connected up to my largest sewing machine and I can report that it works a treat. Absolutely delighted with it.

DM    5th March 2019  

Firstly, we were able to complete approximately another lap further than the xx. And this then leads me onto the best factor we had from the xxx. The tail off seemed to be much, much, much slower. Before we would go strong, slow a little and then very slow for the last lap or so. The xxx allowed us to keep pushing at a far faster pace with only losing a few seconds per lap (over a 2.4 mile Goodwood lap) during the last few laps. This then allowed us to gear up and get the Kitcar to an average 26.5MPH over a race. Your controller did not heat up at all. The only cooling we had on it was a computer heatsink with thermal paste. We came first Kitcar by several laps, and 8th/11th overall out of 100 teams (43 Kitcars). It was so impressive that we are looking at gearing right up next season if tests continue to be successful.

SB    13th June 2018  

Just a short note to say thank you very much for all your time and work yesterday it was very much appreciated.
I completed the wiring this morning with the help of your diagram and all works as it should.
Now to finish the body and get out on the track.

ME    13th June 2018  

Thanks to Steve for guiding me through the problems I was having with my Pro120. His patient assistance was of the highest order, and he even made a short video to help show me how to check the connections and voltages.

I showed the machine a multi-meter tonight, and made it look as if I knew what I was doing and it decided to start working again so we are up and running for the Summer.

Thanks Steve

BV    12th May 2017   Newbury   

Dear Steve,

Again many thanks for your great support. Our start into this year's season was a full success thanks to the great Pro150 controller and your great effort in supporting us.

I have attached a photo of your V100 German class 212 loco of today's running session. Unfortunately our fun was ended by a wintery rain and snow shower just after about two hours.

Have a great week!

Best regards,

OG    2nd May 2017  

Dear Steve,
A very big thank you for your help on the phone and at 4QD to find the
problem with the electrical drive of my battery powered vehicle. The
problem turned out to lie with my wiring and my power connections.
Thank you for your patience and persistence to fault find the problem.
You really engaged with my problem and my application. A very
efficient and professional service from 4QD to a very high standard.
Thank you.

RD    24th February 2017   Northampton   

Without rambling further, I want to say it has been a good experience working with you and thank you very much.

DW    31st January 2017   Oregon   

..... Secondly we came 2nd overall in the finals with your porter 10xx and were only 96 metres behind first place, as well as coming first at every lead up event previous to this…a massive improvement upon the future and so I thank you for this, finished joint 23rd overall which is amazing for a Kit Car….

SB    20th January 2017   Worcestershire   

Thank you for the meet and greet Wednesday 28th a complete eye opener, we can’t thank you enough for your help. We will meet again I’m sure of it, for the next project, we have in mind,
But first!! We’re hoping to get the Jeep up and running soon (photo’s to follow)
Thank you again you’ve given us hope again for completing the Jeep project.

CB    3rd January 2017   Leicestershire, UK   

We received the controller today and thank you again for the quick turn round service. Hopefully another 12+ years of good service by the controller.

MF    9th December 2016   Wiltshire, UK   

Again, thanks so very much for your help. I think I'm back on my way.

DW    5th December 2016   Washington, USA   

By the way it seems you reputation is growing on Facebook, a recent post about controllers attracted multiple comments, including my own, about how good your service is.

LM    5th December 2016   Surrey, UK   

Many thanks, this is fantastic support, I look forward to testing it and providing further feedback.

SW    4th November 2016   Wiltshire, UK   

As discussed today, 3 emails with photos and video of the go cart made possible by your help and enthusiasm shown in resolving some of the technical problems for us.
Great company and very impressed by products and support given.

DB    5th October 2016   Gloucestershire, UK   

Wow, thanks once again for your help and quick response. It is much appreciated.

JW    7th September 2016   Leicestershire, UK   

Steve I will try to get you some pictures and video. Everything worked perfect. Take off is just right, as is the deceleration, I left the settings as they came from you. Thank you for all your help and a quality product. Like so many things you get what you pay for and quality is worth the cost. Thanks again for all the help the smiles on my granddaughters face will bring tears to my eyes forever.

RC    31st July 2016   Kentucky, USA   

Thank you very much for your. excellent service, i am very impressed and will pass this on to my loco colleagues.Its been a pleasure to deal with you, your delivery is second to none.

DW    8th July 2016   West Yorkshire, UK   

Many thanks for your cooperation,finding the fault and making the repair.I am overjoyed at the result , and wish to pass on my kindest regards to all concerned.

DD    22nd June 2016   Aberdeenshire, UK   

Many thanks for your prompt service and for the under mentioned advice. I am looking forward to assembling all the 4QD pieces and, to the delight of the grandchildren, at last complete the electric cart that has been so long in the making.
It's a pleasure to do business with a company like yourselves.

KS    23rd May 2016   Shropshire, UK