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Ride On Cars

4QD controllers have been built into a wide range of ride on cars, karts, and trucks. We’ve supplied builders of Toylanders, and many of the Buggies Built For Fun range have been fitted with our control systems. The Scaled Rigs Scania trucks use our DNO and a custom wiring harness.

Motor speed controllers are all we do, we’re specialists in this and can help you choose the right parts to get your project running. Typically a ride on car will need the following;

  1. Motor
  2. Battery
  3. Speed control unit
  4. Foot pedal / throttle
  5. Reverse switch
  6. Power cables [+ suppression components]
  7. Battery isolator switch / circuit breaker.
  8. Fuse
  9. Control wiring
  10. Optional extras such as lights, horn etc.

A popular route is to use parts out of a scrapped mobility scooter for the power train, these motors provide lots of torque and make a great starting point. The control units can be complex though, with interlocks and restrictions that are not needed for this application. These motors are generally 24V, and use 2 x 12V small sealed lead acid cells.

As a general guide the following controllers are suitable for ride on cars;

DNO-10 – A basic, cost effective controller that reqires only the minimum of set up. It has a really smooth [but adjustable] acceleration ramp to help a young driver get accustomed to their new wheels.

Pro-150 – This has a greater number of settings which allow the controller to be fine tuned to the operators requirements via the optional display / programmer.

Pro-160 – The Pro-160 does away with relays for long term reliability, and is ideally suited to cars that will be worked hard, pulling larger loads / trailers for extended periods, or for racing. With a 2 line display that can be mounted on the dashboard, the Pro-160 has features designed specifically for ride on cars, a slow / fast mode switch to allow new driver training,  and protective limits on voltage, current, and temperature. [Failsafe contactor operation software is coming soon].

All our manuals are on line here so you can see how the wiring is done.

We’re always happy to discuss individual projects…..give us a call to see how we can help.