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Speed Sensor

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Speed sensor suitable for use with the Pro-160 / 360.

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This speed sensor works with our Pro-160 and Pro-360 digital controllers. It can be plugged into the speed port on the control board, and the software can then be set to show and limit the RPM on the display.

The sensor detects a North magnetic field which can be from the 1cm disc magnet included, or any other suitable magnet capable of giving a field of 7mT.

Supplied with a 5 way IDC connector.

We recommend using screened cable for the connections.


The manual is available in PDF format:

Adobe_PDF_file_icon_32x32   Read manual

The manual is designed to be printed double-sided in A4 booklet format. To print the booklet from the PDF on a double-sided printer, select Booklet in the Page Size & Handling section of the print window, and set Orientation to Portrait.