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Self-resetting fuse – 0.9A

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A 0.9A self-resetting fuse used to repair blown fuse tracks on our controllers.

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We fit these self-resetting fuses during service when a controller is returned with only a fuse track blown.

Self resetting fuse diagram with dimensions

They are in fact a PTC (positive temperature coefficient) resistor that suddenly increases in resistance when a high current flows (fault conditions) and overheats it. When the current reduces, the device cools down and resets.

They are recommended if you want to protect against control wiring faults or to repair a blown fuse track on board. If the fault remains or recurs – the fuse will be (very) hot to touch.

Trip current 1.5a max
Reset current 0.75a max
Max operating voltage 60v

12mm disc with leads to solder across blown fuse (track).

We have a video here which shows how to fit them.