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PRO 150 Display / Programmer

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The programming and display unit for the PRO-150 controller. This is required if you wish to change the operational characteristics of the controller from the standard settings.

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The PRO 150 Display / Programmer is supplied as a single unit which can be broken apart so that the display and programmer can be used and mounted separately if required.

The ‘programmer’ board’s three buttons are

  1. Select: used to Select and accept the new value
  2. + and – buttons
    These increase/decrease the value being displayed.

When the required value is displayed, pressing Select will accept it.

The programming system is carefully designed to be easy and quick and intuitive. It is fast to program so also well suited to a manufacturer programming production quantities.

PRO-150 display/programmer diagram

Programming is fully explained in the PRO-150 manual.

The display connects to a separate connector on the controller using a 4 core cable. However two of these wires are already present in the controls, so an alternative wiring scheme is possible.

It is supplied with 2 x 50cm wires to connect it to the controller, if you need longer ones please ask.


The manual is available in two formats, one for reading on screen, and one for printing as a double-sided booklet:

Adobe_PDF_file_icon_32x32   Read manual                                                                        Booklet icon  Print booklet (double-sided)