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Power Lead Sets

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A set of 4 pre-crimped power leads with high quality, professionally crimped terminals suitable for use with our controllers. There are variants of thickness and connector type.

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At our typical motor currents we find that the cheaper “Halfords” style automotive crimps degrade quickly, become high resistance, and burn out. We offer these power leads with high quality, properly crimped push-on female terminals on one end.

A set of 4 power leads, 1m long, the set comprises of a black, red, blue and yellow cable.

The choice of lead should be made to suit the motor’s continuous current rating. The table shows the continuous rating. The leads will take significantly more current for short periods.

The following sets are available from stock, but we are happy to make up any length you want.

Order code Cable Terminals Continuous current Suggested use
PLS-206 2.5mm² 6.3mm crimp 30 amps DNO-5 / Porter 5
PLS-606 6.0mm² 6.3mm crimp 53 amps DNO-10 / Porter 10
PLS-610 6.0mm² 9.5mm crimp 53 amps PRO-150
PLS-106R 10mm² 6mm ring 75 amps PRO-160 / 4QD-200
PLS-108R 10mm² 8mm ring 75 amps PRO-360/ 4QD-300