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Porter 3 Speed

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A 3 position top speed limiter for the Porter controller. Ideal for Greenpower cars to balance the power available to all 3 drivers. Also allows advanced race strategies to be used.

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We were asked by a Greenpower team to come up with something to help equalise the power available to all three drivers. All too often we see the first driver going hell for leather only for poor old number three to end up looking like the proverbial Miss Daisy and grinding to a halt after 85 minutes.

This board plugs in between the normal throttle arrangement and the Porter, and can be used to restrict the power available to each of the first two drivers. The restriction levels are adjustable, so can be tailored to specific cars.

Alternatively this board can be used to facilitate a multiple engine mode strategy as per F1 teams i.e. “normal”, “pass”, and “all out” modes.

With no switches down full power is available.

With switch 1 down the power is reduced by the P1 setting.

With switch 2 down the power is reduced by the P2 setting.

The power reductions P1 and P2 can be adjusted between 5% and 25%.

The switches can be removed from the board if required for mounting elsewhere.

Porter 3 speed

The board now includes 2 x 5 way IDC connectors and 0.5m of CMC-703 cable, if you need a longer cable please let us know when ordering.

Note, with switches 1 and 2 down together, the power is reduced by X(P1 + P2) settings, where X>1 [there’s a STEM question for your students – calculate X].