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Plunger Pot 10K

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A new alternative to our long standing 5k Plunger Pot. Smaller and easier to mount in some applications

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A 10k plunger operated pot ideal for incorporation into a foot pedal.

This is a slightly cheaper, and smaller, alternative to our original PLP-005, but has the same 1M operation lifetime. It has different mounting arrangements, as well as the slots, it has flat surfaces making it suitable for attachment by double sided tape for temporary alignment.

The three terminals can have standard 7/0.2 wire soldered directly to them, making it easier to connect to our IDC plugs.

The terminals have this connection pattern…

PLP-210 pin connections

For connecting to our controllers

Pin 1 = green [0v].

Pin 2 = blue [wiper].

Pin 3 = red [pot top].


Please see this datasheet