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Joystick Interface Board

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A joystick (wig-wag) interface board for single-axis control. The joystick board transforms the speed control to give a centre-zero operation: Move the lever forward to go forward, moving the lever back selects reverse.

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A joystick (aka wig-wag control) is essentially a potentiometer with a lever attached.

As you move the lever forward from the centre position the motor starts to rotate in one direction. Moving the lever backwards causes the motor to rotate in the opposite direction.

This interface converts a single DNO, VTX or Pro-120 series controller to joystick input.

Joystick interface board diagram
The 6 way connector is for pin-to-pin connection with the Pro-120, DNO, or VTX.
The 3 way connection is for the ignition switch and battery condition meter.

This board is available with or without a potentiometer fitted.  The JSB-001 is supplied without a pot fitted and is suitable for those application where there is limited space to mount the pot. We have 50 degree and 270 degree pots available here. The JSB-002 has one of our 10k ohm 50 degree pots fitted and is supplied with an operating lever.

Note; there is no spring or center detent on this interface.

The interface is not required for the 4QD range of controllers which have this function built in.

The interface is not required for the Pro-150 which can have this function programmed in via the “pot / learn” feature. There are full instructions on how to do this are in this article.

A dual axis joystick is commonly used on wheelchairs where forwards-backwards movement (first pot) controls both motors together for speed and direction, and transverse movement (second pot) speeds one motor and slows the other, allowing steering.  There is a circuit for a dual axis joystick interface on our sister site,



Size: 47mm x 51mm
Output: 3.5v for full deflection of 50° pot
Pot deflection (JSA-002): ±25° electrical about centre. (±150° mechanical travel)
Centring: electrical centring adjustment on board.
Operating voltage: 12v to 48v systems.


The manual is available in two formats, one for reading on screen, and one for printing as a double-sided booklet:

Adobe_PDF_file_icon_32x32   Read manual                                                                        Booklet icon  Print booklet (double-sided)