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Interference Suppression Packs

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Components to reduce interference and help extend the life of your controller.

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Reducing electrical interference is important for a number of reasons. It stops your system from causing interference with others, but more importantly it prevents unwanted electrical signals getting into the more sensitive parts of a controller [the mosfet gates] and causing destructive latch-up. This page in our knowledgebase gives more detail, or have a look at this short video…

YouTube video

To help with this we have put together some interference suppression packs that contain the components we recommend fitting.

  • Motor suppression capacitors [brown disc]. Fit these directly across the motor brushes to catch noise from brush arcing [here’s a great video showing arcing in super slowmo].
  • Ferrite rings. These reduce any high frequency noise not caught by the capacitor travelling along the motor wires. There are 2 sizes of ring available, standard for up to 10mm diameter cable, and large for up to 15mm.
  • Transient suppressors [red disc], fit these to any system likely to suffer voltage spikes.
    • If your system includes relays connect this to B+ / B-.
    • If your system will have rapid changes to the motor speed and direction e.g fighting robots, fit this in parallel with the motor capacitor.

Each pack is suitable for one controller and motor, if you have more than one motor then you should fit an additional motor pack to each of them. Please note that there are different packs for controllers running at 12-24V,36-48V and 50 -84V, the extra motor packs are not voltage sensitive.

See our noise suppression page [and don’t forget to twist the motor wires].