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Throttle Lever – 120′

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A robust rotary throttle control lever with a hall effect sensor. Non self centering and ideal for electric boat or model tram control. Has removable stops at 120 degrees, and removable detent.


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We’ve been looking for a cost effective throttle lever for ages now and not found anything suitable, so we thought we’d have a go at building our own. We knew that we wanted something that could be used in a variety of ways so we’ve given this one removable end stops and center detent. We wanted something long lasting so we used stainless parts and a hall effect sensor that’s good for 10 million cycles. We also wanted it to be maintainable so it’s easy to dismantle and all parts are replaceable.  The end result is a substantial, chunky, hall effect throttle lever with a 120′ arc, designed for applications where the odd knock is expected.

  • 3D printed from rPETG, a strong, impact resistant, recycled plastic.
  • All metal parts are stainless.
  • Designed to work with our Pro-160 / 360 controllers.
  • Hall effect sensor rated for 10 million cycles.
  • Can be mounted vertically or horizontally, with no limitation on panel thickness.
  • Operating arc 120′ with end stops, or full 360′ rotation.
  • Sprung center detent can be removed.
  • Ideal for electric boats.
  • Can be used as a “Tram” style control lever, utilising the dynamic braking feature of the Pro-160/ 360.

Because this is a 3D printed part it is possible to see the print layers and other marks caused by the production process.

We only stock black rPETG, but if you ask us nicely we might be able to lay our hands on other colours.







throttle lever parts


Supply voltage 5V +/- 10%
Supply current 10mA typical
Output signal 10% to 90% of supply voltage
Operating angle with stops 120 degrees
Operating angle without stops 360 degrees
Material rPETG
Handle length [from center] 105 mm
Mounting hole diameter 46mm



The manual is available in PDF format:

Adobe_PDF_file_icon_32x32   Read manual

The manual is designed to be printed double-sided in A4 booklet format. To print the booklet from the PDF on a double-sided printer, select Booklet in the Page Size & Handling section of the print window, and set Orientation to Portrait.