Pro-160 update - 4QD - Electric Motor Control

Pro-160 update

We’re getting a lot of interest in our Pro-160 that is in development so we thought we’d share some good news…..

It works!


Admittedly these are rev 1 boards, and the software still has a way to go but it makes a motor run forwards and backwards, and we’re seeing sensible current readings on the display.

A lot of effort has gone into getting the internal power supply able to operate between 12V and 100V which gives us the foundation for a very flexible range of controllers. We’ve also got a water cooled heatsink designed which will allow this baby to handle some big numbers.

The rev 2 gerbers are going to the factory next week so we’re expecting what should be sample ready hardware in May.

Nico has done a great job on the schematics and layout, now it’s over to Erica for some software magic.