PRO-160 Options - 4QD - Electric Motor Control

PRO-160 Options

Water resistant coating

This is a high performance acrylic coating which is applied by hand after we have tested and assembled your controller. It doesn’t mean you can take it swimming, but it does make the controller a lot more resistant to splashes and high levels of humidity. We recommend this option if you are fitting to a boat, or to a golf cart due to the spray from the wheels on wet grass.

Remote display adaptor

The Pro-160 includes a 4 button keypad built into the case. The display adaptor board has a keypad that can be mounted remotely [or even hand held] to make adjustment easier to do. It also provides a handy place to mount the LCD if required. This board is supplied with a 1m LCD display lead, and a 1m keypad lead.

LCD display extension lead

The Pro-160 includes a 2 line LCD display mounted inside the controller, the 1m LCD display lead allows the display to be moved to an  external location that is visible to the operator. This lead is included with the remote display adaptor.

Spare IDC pack

The PRO-160 controller comes with a set of  IDC plugs to connect to the main control, auxiliary input 1, and parking brake sockets. These are a one time crimp fit onto the wires and are crimped by using a pair of parallel jaw pliers. It can be useful to have spare connectors in case more than one fitting is needed.

The spare IDC pack has 2*6 way IDCs (control), 2*5 way (auxiliary input) and 1*3 way IDC (brake)

Expansion IDC Pack

The additional functions of the PRO-160 e.g. radio control, external thermistors, etc, use IDC connections to the PRO-160 controller. This pack has a set of the connectors required if you wish to use the additional functions of the PRO-160.

2 * 2 way (BEC [Battery Eliminator circuit], contactor)

2 * 4 way (RC [Radio control], thermistor)