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At 4QD we’ve helped to get thousands of hobbyist and DIY projects moving.

  • Model locomotives – thousands of 5″, 7″, 10″ and bigger locos around the world are using controllers and accessories built by us.
  • Ride on cars such as the Toylander miniature Land Rover, Buggies Built for Fun, and Scaled Rigs, use our equipment.
  • All sorts of electric vehicles, including the Greenpower series, Toylanders, and electric motorbikes.
  • Electric boats. We’ve provided heavy duty controllers to power river and canal boats up to 50′.
  • Robots – our controllers have been used in many fighting robots, including the house robots in Robot Wars.

We’ve got a lot of experience with helping mechanical engineers get the electrics working in a whole slew of unusual and innovative projects. Lathe motor conversion – check, gyroscopic system – check, electric trials bike – check, 2 wheel drive mountain bike – check, jet engine starting system – check, and many many more.

If you need to control the speed and / or direction of an electric motor, or make it start up smoothly then you need one of our motor controllers. They go from 30 amps up to 360 amps, and 12 volts to 84 volts, and suit most brushed DC motors. We’ve got all the accessories you’ll need to get the show on the road….throttles, fuses, switches, cables, and even radio control interfaces.

Our controllers are easy to install, tough, and reliable, plus we’re on the end of the phone if you need to talk to a real person about getting things working.

We love to chat about new projects so give us a call on 01487 450520, or head over to our product pages to check out our range.

Here’s a small selection of some of our favourites….