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What type of motor do I have?

It is usually possible to tell the type of motor you have from the number of wires or terminals it has.

4QD controllers are designed to drive permanent magnet brushed motors, these generally have  2 external  wires or terminals which are usually black and red to indicate positive and negative.

Series wound and shunt wound motors generally have 4 terminals, 2 for the field winding, and 2 for the armature. Our controllers are not specifically designed to drive these types of motors but a number of our customers have managed to do so successfully. There are some articles in our knowledgebase on how to do it.

Brushless motors will have either 3 wires for a sensorless version, or 3 + 6 sensor wires if they are fitted with hall effect sensors. We do not currently have any controllers for brushless motors, but we are looking into it.

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