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Everything Else

As well as model engineering, electric vehicles, boats and robots, we have helped on literally hundreds of unusual and innovative projects that had a need to regulate motor speed.

Just a few of our favourites include;

  • Electric falconry lures.
  • Starter systems for jet engines [including the Longbow waterspeed record project].
  • Fair ground rides [converting from 110V ac to 48V dc].
  • A target robot for a shooting range.
  • Hydraulic pump control; power limiting for power steering systems on race cars.
  • Cable cameras for stadiums.
  • Formula 1 pit equipment.
  • Stage props for theatre productions.
  • Military equipment.
  • An underwater camera drone.
  • Clay pigeon launchers.
  • High power mountain bikes [including one with 2 wheel drive!].
  • An autonomous arctic explorer.
  • Numerous university research projects such as theĀ Warwick Rail Challenge.
  • Perpetual motion machines [and yes, we do understand the 1st and 2nd laws of thermodynamics].