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UNI Speed Controller

The Uni has been replaced by the Porter 5 and Porter 10 controllers. Uni speed controller.

Two current ratings are available, the Uni-8 with a current limit of over 100 amps and the Uni-4 with current limit of over 50 amps.

As standard, it includes regenerative braking but this can be disabled on board, or it can be supplied without, subject to a minimum order quantity.

Versions are available for 12v and 24v. 36v and 48v versions are possible subject to minimum order quantities..

It is available as a card or as a boxed unit (order controller plus base, cover and leads).

The Uni is technically advanced and packed with useful features without the ‘high tech overkill’ which is often used as a sales gimmick. The controllers have been extensively ‘value engineered’ to give the best possible ratio of performance to cost. Of special interest is the automatic ramp down and power off so the controller always stops smoothly and safely even if the ignition is turned off at full speed. Also if interest are the independent, linear, adjustable acceleration and deceleration ramps, the thermally sensitive overcurrent limiting, the regen current limit and the auto switch-off.


Supply voltage 12v or 24v 36v or 48v – depends on model.
Supply current 30mA (At zero speed)
Output voltage 0 to 100% full speed, adjustable.
Output current max (typ Uni-8) 115 amps (100 amps regen)
1 minute rating 85 amps – board, without additional heatsink!
2 minute rating 45 amps – board, without additional heatsink!
continuous 30 amps or more: heatsink dependant
voltage drop at 20a 130mV
Uni 4 figures are approx half Uni 8
Overheat current 25 amps – typical
Overheat temperature 95°C – on heatsink
Overvoltage protection level 47v (12, 24 and 36v versions)
68v (48v version)
Switching frequency 20kHz approximately
Acceleration time 330mSec to 7 Sec (adjustable)
Deceleration time 330mSec to 7 Sec (adjustable)
Input 5k to 25k pot or 0-3.5v (adjustable)
Pot overvoltage Approx 130% of full speed
Size 71mm x 71mm x 35mm plus tags
case 75mm x 75mm x 40mm plus tags
base 80mm x 100mm x 4mm
Weight board version 110 gm
enclosed version 210 gm
  • High speed choppuniing circuit
  • MOSFET chopper
  • Fast current limit on drive and regeneration.
  • Gain adjustment
  • Regen braking may be deactivated (factory option, minimum quantity applies)
  • Electronic Ignition on pot, with auto switchoff at pot zero.
  • Current limit on drive and regen
  • Ramps on accel and decel.
  • Reverse polarity protection is integral.
  • Thermal shutdown.
  • Battery discharge protection is not fitted.
  • Overvoltage protection.
  • Pot overvoltage feature enables pot fault protection to be enabled in the pot circuit. See manual.
  • 48v version occasionally available. See 48v controllers page.
  • 4 pin control connector (supplied) accepts standard miniature stranded cable (7/0.2). Only 3 wires are normally used: fourth pin allows options in external wiring.
  • Carefully engineered thermal design maximises output current.
  • The integral heatsink should be bolted to an additional heatsink as required. Normally this will be the main mounting to the machine’s chassis. The current limit reduces automatically if the controller gets hot, reducing the danger of failure.
  • Power and motor connections are by 6.3mm tabs.
  • Pre-crimped wires can be supplied as an optional extra.
  • May be used with PM, shunt or series wound motors.
  • Various options may be selected in the wiring: see Uni wiring

The diagram above show the arrangement of the enclosed controller with heatsink/base (order controller plus base, cover and leads) and 100cm control lead and 50cm power leads.

Uni speed controller
A plan view of the uncased controller (board version).

Showing how the board controller mounts onto the base.

Input is suitable for a standard 10K potentiometer. There is an on-board adjustment to alter sensitivity to suit different operating mechanisms. A connector is supplied. Various speed controls can be supplied as extras, including a spring-return-to-zero speed pot arrangement suitable for hand operation.


You can download the instruction manual, in PDF format, via our manuals and catalogues page.