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UNI / Egret Wiring Options

The Uni and Egret both have a 4 pin input connector, but only require 3 wires for input. This is done to allow different options to be selected by varying the input wiring.

Standard 10K pot

The standard controllers suits a standard 10K pot. Simplest wiring is shown in the diagram above, left.

When you turn the speed pot to zero, the controller switches itself off, and the only current drain is that though the pot (about ½milliamp on 12v).

However – you may want to fit an on/off switch. With this fitted, you can leave the pot set to whatever speed you wish and stop the machine with the switch. Fit it in series with the top of the pot, above, right. With this off, the pot also draws no current.

Magura Twist grip

The Magura twist grip is 5K and will work as above.

Battery Condition meter

A battery condition indicator can simply be wired between the top pin and the green wire to the pot. This is shown left, above.

However, if you want the ignition switch also to disconnect the pot, then the pot‘s max connection can be connected from the battery positive, via the ignition switch as shown far right. In this case you will certainly need to re-adjust the gain preset.

Note that a resistor (10K with a 10K pot) should now fitted in the white wire to the top of the pot. If this resistor is not fitted, the pot fault detection circuit in the controller will not operate properly and the controller may go to full speed if the pot or wiring becomes faulty.

When wiring like this, you will have to adjust the Gain control so that full speed is reached at full pot rotation.

Other wiring combinations and features are available.