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Typical Wiring for the PRO-150, DNO, VTX and NCC Controllers

Detailed diagrams for each controller are contained in their respective manuals, but here we have a typical DC motor speed control diagram showing the wiring for a Pro-120 controller. The DNO (and VTX /NCC) is almost identical, but the tags are 6.3mm not 9.5mm. The Pro-150 is interchangeable with the Pro-120 in most situations.

All you need are motor wires, battery wires, an ignition switch, a forward reverse switch and a potentiometer to tell the controller what speed you require.

The 6 way connector is supplied and is connected simply by inserting the wires (which must be the correct size: 7/0.2mm² wire which is commonly available or we can supply as either multicore or ribbon cable.

Instruction manuals

Instruction manuals with full wiring diagrams for all of our controllers are available from our instruction manuals area.

Wiring Diagram

DC motor speed control diagram
The battery condition meter is optional.

All these parts are available on our accessories page.


Two fuses are shown: the one in the battery wire is not generally required with the Pro series except to protect against major faults in the wiring. However, with the VTX or NCC series, it will give a good measure of reverse polarity protection.

The 1A fuse shown in the yellow wire is optional: there is on on-board fuse track. However if you cannot cope with the fuse track then an external fuse is sensible. It only protects the controller against major faults in the control wiring.

You may prefer to fit a self-resetting fuse.

Undervoltage cutback

On the Pro-120 [only] under-voltage cutback is a ‘user option’ which is enabled by fitting the resistor (shown bottom left) in the ignition wire. On the DNO under-voltage protection can be achieved via the scheme on this page.