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RBT Pot Support

The pots used in the RBT have a rated life of 20 000 operations. Although we’d like this to be greater we haven’t found a manufacturer that can supply long life pots with the 50′ track angle that the RBT needs. We have been looking for ways to extend the life of the existing model and have created a support for the end of the pot shaft that is intended to reduce the twisting torque that the lever and spring apply to the pot.

Pot support piece

This support was introduced into production in December 2021 and is fitted to all RBT-24 from serial number 21203 onward. We will supply these free of charge with any replacement POT-050.

As of Jan 2023 the tension of the lever return spring has been reduced to lower the twisting torque applied to the pot. This modification was introduced at serial number 22258. We will supply these springs free of charge with any replacement POT-050.