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Pro-100 / 160 / 360 to JSK-100 wiring

This diagram shows how to hook up one of our JSK-100 joysticks to the Pro-160 / 360.

wiring for JSK-100


The Pro-160 / 360 should be set to joystick mode [Profile 6 is pre-configured for this].

  • Throttle settings / Joystick set to on

It may be necessary to useĀ  pot learn to teach it the zero, forward, and reverse positions.

  • Throttle settings / Pot learn / Learn / Active set to yes.
  • Zero, max forward, and max reverse values captured. Note; for joystick operation the forward value must be greater than the reverse value, otherwise a pot value error message will be given. If this results in backwards operation then set Throttle settings / Joystick to inv.
  • It may be necessary to increase the Throttle settings / deadband slightly in order to stop unwanted movement around the center-off position.