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Pro-160 / 360 to Hall Throttle Wiring

If you want to use a Hall effect throttle with the Pro-160 / 360 then this wiring scheme should be used.

The Hall device must be one that is rated for 5V operation [e.g. like that in our JSK-120 or thumb throttle].

The BEC socket on the control board is used to feed the Hall device with 5V, and the output from the Hall should be fed into pin E of the P_C main control input. The wiring supplied with Hall devices can vary, our experience suggests that red is usually +5V, black is usually 0V, and that the signal is usually green or white, but there appears to be no common standard so be sure to check yours.

The reverse connection will not be required if the Hall throtttle is to be a center-off joystick type device.

The Pro-160 / 360 profile should be configured as follows…

  • Throttle settings / Input mode set to volt.
  • If center-off joystick operation is required, set Throttle settings / Joystick to on, otherwise leave it set to off.
  • Throttle settings / Pot learn / Learn / Active set to yes.
  • Zero, max forward, and max reverse values captured. Note; for joystick operation the forward value must be greater than the reverse value, otherwise a pot value error message will be given. If you are using joystick mode and this results in backwards operation then set Throttle settings / Joystick to inv.
  • It may be necessary to increase the Throttle settings / deadband slightly in order to stop unwanted movement around the center-off position.