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Pro-160 / 360 Temperature Sensors

In March 2023 the temperature sensor fitted to the Pro-160 and 360 was changed from a positive temperature coefficient type [PTC] to a negative temperature coefficient type [NTC]. This was done to a] improve the accuracy of the temperature reading and b] to allow the upper operating temperature of the controllers to be increased from 60’C to 85’C.

To use the new sensor we also changed the software. In version 2.4.3 onwards, there is a new option to select the sensor type [CTR sensor]. This is in the Advanced / Temperature section of the menu.

If you update the software and if the CTR sensor setting does not match the sensor actually fitted, you will get an obviously incorrect temperature reading or a T2 error message. If this happens, the easiest thing to do is to change the CTR sensor setting in the menu.

If you want to identify the type of sensor that is fitted, it is connected to the underside of the power board, and is screwed to the heatsink [M+ busbar on the Pro-360]. PTCs have a mainly black body, short leads, and look like this….. [heatsink removed for clarity].

NTCs have a silver coloured body, long leads, and look like this…..