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Pro-100 / 160 / 360 Software Versions

This is a list of the formally released Pro-160 / 360 software versions.

The Pro-160 and 360 use the same control board with largely the same software. Each software version has a number of different model variants within it, so the Pro-160-S, HC, HV, HCV, Pro-360-S, and HV will each have different limits for current and voltage but will share a common feature set. The software version can be found via the System Settings menu page.

2.4.4 April 2023

New feature

  • Adjustable regeneration over-voltage protection added, this automatically adjusts the deceleration ramp to keep the battery voltage below a defined value. Aimed at lithium battery users, fast decelerating applications, and all HV models.

2.4.3 March 2023

New features

  • NTC (negative temperature coefficient) temperature sensor fitted to power boards from March 2023. This sensor has greater range and accuracy than previous PTC sensor. Software change implemented to support NTC sensor. High temperature warning is now 75C, over temperature cut-off is 85C.
  • Added option to display temperature in Fahrenheit instead of Celcius.
  • Added option to trigger error if control input voltage < 0.25V, this applies only in VOLT mode with joystick operation. Prevents full reverse being set if control input fails.

Bug fixes / minor changes

  • Prevent automatic restart on shutdown when ignition switch is on if system watchdog error has been triggered.
  • Dave apps upgraded to the latest version in our development environment.
  • Delay added between mosfet checks on startup.
  • Corrected error where controller would not start-up when high temperature/low battery/high battery warnings triggered.
  • Maximum number of custom parameter settings stored increased to 80.
  • STD/HOT controller temperature option removed from menu, not needed with new temperature sensor.

2.4.2- not publicly released.

2.4.1 December 2022

  • Changed the way P3 pot wiper fault is handled, previously this fault required a power off / on to restart. Now the controller will restart if the fault is cleared. This was done to make the Pro-160 / 360 more resilient to the worn pot tracks that can occur with the RBT hand control boxes.

2.4.0 October 2022

  • Minor changes to the internal settings of the processor to allow use with a wider range of mosfets. No change to features or functions.

2.3.6 June 2022

New features

  • Push button operation.
  • Limit switch operation.
  • High ambient temperature mode, also high temperature power reduction is now gradual.
  • Optional display of speed in mph / kph,  rpm, and power in watts / hp.

Bug fixes/Minor Changes

  • HPLO disabling now works in all throttle modes.
  • Speed can now be displayed without limiting enabled.
  • Deadmans handle now operates in RC mode.
  • Maximum parking brake threshold increased to 99%.
  • Reverse “R” indicator now shows when controller is driving in reverse, rather than that the reverse switch had been operated.
  • Speed sensor calibration changed to allow lower speeds [<300 rpm] to be measured.

2.3.5 – not publicly released

2.3.4 June 2021

New features

  • Variable regen by pot.
  • Inverted joystick option.

Bug fixes/Minor Changes

  • High POT lockout check implemented for VOLT mode.
  • Maximum lockout percentage increased from 99% to 100% to allow high pot lockout to be completely disabled.
  • Communication and error checking between LCD and control board improved. Now able to support up to 10m using screened cable.


2.3.3 December 2020 

New Features

  • Low battery voltage band.
  • Dynamic braking.

Bug fixes/Minor Changes

  • POT LEARN uses scaled 0 – 500 values instead of raw 0 – 16383 values which were too high resolution for users when trying to configure POT learn.
  • Reduced POT TOP error value for Rev 5 boards as about 10% of boards failing to trigger P2 pot top fault.
  • Low battery voltage cutoff behaviour changed so that it will stop the controller after 2 seconds below cutoff voltage
  • Profile parameter error messages – text improved.
  • Added a Rev 3 build with a higher value of POT TOP so that REV 3 boards can be updated to this version of firmware.
  • Fixed bug that alternate profile could only be set to a maximum of 10, rather than 15.

2.3.2 – September 2020 – For Rev 5 control boards

Bug fixes / minor changes;

  • Internal reference point calibrated for new value of pot top error after a control board change to make the input resilient to a short to B+.

2.3.1 August 2020 – last version for Rev 3 control boards

New features;

  • Configurable emergency stop ramp time added to user parameters.

Bug fixes / minor changes;

  • Emergency stop in reverse was instant, now uses parameter setting.
  • Contactor functionality corrected, it was not being activated when contactor parameter set to ON.

2.3.0 April 2020

New features;

  • PRO-360 supported, documentation references changed to PRO-x60.
  • External temperature sensors (x & y) supported.
  • Contactor switching implemented.
  • Dead Man’s handle now has 2 modes – STD & SAFE.
  • Top speed RPM limit can be set.

Bug fixes / minor changes;

    • Watchdog limit reduced from 3 seconds to 1 second.
    • Corrected ramp time calculation when max speed <  100%.
    • Changed menu option name: [Input Config] renamed [Throttle].
    • Re-calibrated controller temperature sensor.

2.2.1  Oct 2019 – 1st version for commercial launch.