Pro-160 / 360 Software Versions

This is a list of the formally released Pro-160 / 360 software versions.

The Pro-160 and 360 use the same control board with largely the same software. Each software version has a number of different model variants within it, so the Pro-160-S, HC, HV, HCV, Pro-360-S, and HV will each have different limits for current and voltage but will share a common feature set. The software version can be found via the System Settings menu page.

2.2.1  Oct 2019 – 1st version for commercial launch.

2.3.0 April 2020

New features;

  • PRO-360 supported, documentation references changed to PRO-x60.
  • External temperature sensors (x & y) supported.
  • Contactor switching implemented.
  • Dead Man’s handle now has 2 modes – STD & SAFE.
  • Top speed RPM limit can be set.

Bug fixes / minor changes;

  • Watchdog limit reduced from 3 seconds to 1 second.
  • Corrected ramp time calculation when max speed <  100%.
  • Changed menu option name: [Input Config] renamed [Throttle].
  • Re-calibrated controller temperature sensor.

2.3.1 August 2020 – last version for Rev 3 control boards

New features;

  • Configurable emergency stop ramp time added to user parameters.

Bug fixes / minor changes;

  • Emergency stop in reverse was instant, now uses parameter setting.
  • Contactor functionality corrected, it was not being activated when contactor parameter set to ON.

2.3.2 – September 2020 – For Rev 5 control boards

Bug fixes / minor changes;

  • Internal reference point calibrated for new value of pot top error after a control board change to make the input resilient to a short to B+.
  • Build configuration changed to append variant name to executable files.

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