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Pro-100 / 160 / 360 Failsafe Contactor

This page shows how to incorporate a failsafe contactor into the wiring for the Pro-160. The same schematics also work for the Pro-360 but the J1 link is in a different position.

Method 1 – battery line with separate on / off switch.

Cutting the track at J1 allows the on board power supply to drive the CPU without feeding power to the mosfet power stage.

Points to note are;

  • The track between the J1 pins is on the top of rev 3 power boards, and the underside of rev 4 boards. The link was pre-cut and a jumper link was fitted from June 2021.
  • Contactor operation must be enabled in the controller menu [advanced section], this needs to be done for each profile used.
  • When the on / off switch is closed, the controller will perform the pot safety checks, then close the contactor, then perform the mosfet checks.
  • If required a master off switch can be installed at position X.
  • The contactor driver is rated at 1A. If a higher current is required then use a secondary relay.

Method 2 – battery line with trickle resistor.

This method does not require the J1 track to be cut.


For battery contactors we have found the Durakool DEVR20 series to work well with both of the schemes above.