Pro-160 / 360 Failsafe Contactor

This diagram shows how to incorporate a failsafe contactor into the wiring for the Pro-160. The same schematic also works for the Pro-360 but the J1 link is in a different position.

Cutting the track at J1 allows the on board power supply to drive the CPU without feeding power to the mosfet power stage.

Points to note are;

  • The track between the J1 pins is on the top of rev 3 power boards, and the underside of rev 4 boards. The link was pre-cut and a jumper link was fitted from June 2021.
  • Contactor operation must be enabled in the controller menu [advanced section], this needs to be done for each profile used.
  • When the on / off switch is closed, the controller will perform the pot safety checks, then close the contactor, then perform the mosfet checks.
  • If required a master off switch can be installed at position X.
  • The contactor driver is rated at 1A. If a higher current is required then use a secondary relay.

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