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Pro-150 programmable parameters


The Pro-150 has a number of programmable parameters. We have considered carefully how to give the user access to the full feature set but without making it confusing to the novice. At the same time our aim has been to keep the cost of the programmer down so that a programmable controller becomes a realistic option not only for the industrial buyer using thousands, but also for the one-off purchaser.

Programming method

There are two levels of programming: Parameter number and parameter value.

Switching the controller on with the Select button pressed takes it into programming mode and the display shows the Parameter number.

The Right Decimal Point flashes slowly to show you are not changing any parameter but simply choosing which parameter to change: + and – buttons will alter the number.
Pressing Select toggles between Parameter Number and Parameter Value – so when you get to the number of the parameter you want to alter press Select and the current value of the selected value will be displayed.

The + and – buttons will now alter the value of the parameter. Or, if the parameter is associated with the position of the throttle device, altering that will alter the display, so you can set the pot as you want it, and press Select.

Full programming instructions are in the instruction manual.

Basic parameters

Since the controller is programmable, the internal factory programming will change, so the following list of parameters may itself change.

Parameter No Definition
00: Personality
============= =====================
01: Forward acceleration ramp time
02: Forward deceleration ramp time
03: Forward maximum speed
04: Reverse acceleration ramp time
05: Reverse deceleration ramp time
06: Reverse maximum speed
07: Throttle dead band
08: Parking brake release delay
09: Parking brake operating threshold
10: High pot lock out level
11: Reversing sounder
12: Pot/input max
13: Pot zero speed
14: Pot/input reverse


N 00: – Personality
The controller can have up to 10 different ‘personalities’ stored internally and pressing Select when the display shows 00 will allow you to determine which ‘Personality’ you wish to use.Each Personality can be separately re-programmed, and factory defaults can easily be restored.

The Personalities listed below may be added and altered with time.

00: Factory default Personality
fixed and may not be reprogrammed.
01: Golf buggy, fast
For a typical one-man ride-on golf buggy with top speed around 6 m.p.h. with fast response
02: Golf buggy, slow
For a possibly less stable buggy, where fast responses may cause tipping.
03: Locomotive, fast
For a typical miniature locomotive, but with fairly rapid response.
04: Locomotive, slow
Slower response version of 03
05: Boat.
Fast response, so suitable for robots also.
06: User 1
07: User 2
08: User 3
09: User 4
These are unallocated and initially contain the same as the 00: Factory default Personality.