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Pro-150 Mechanical Information

Pro-150 mechanical information

pro-150 mechanical informationDimensions

  • Board only: 145mm x 102mm x 38mm
  • With base and cover: 181mm x 121mm x 46mm


  • Board only: 320 gm
  • Complete: 630gm

Power connectors

  • 9.5mm push-on for battery, combined with 6.3,mm push-on which may be used for a charger or other wiring.
  • Double 9.5mm push-on tabs for two motors in parallel.

Control connectors

4 connectors are present, shown on the diagram as B, C, A and D

  • Connector B: Parking brake. Only 2 pins normally used.
  • Connector C: standard inputs
    1. Common for ignition and reverse
    2. Ignition
    3. Reverse
    4. Pot top
    5. Pot wiper
    6. Pot gnd
  • Connector A: Programmer or Auxiliary inputs
    1. NC
    2. NC
    3. NC
    4. Inhibit
    5. Slow
    6. Common for slow and inhibit
  • Connector D: Display

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