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Pro-150 Hall Throttle Supply

The Pro-150 can easily be programmed to work with a voltage output from a hall type throttle. What takes a little more thinking about is where the feed for that hall device comes from.

It all depends on the current that the hall device draws, pin D of the main 6 way control connector is connected to the 5v rail via a 1k resistor and that may be enough to cause the voltage on pin D to drop below that required by the hall device.

The Pro-150’s internal 5v rail can be accessed directly via the pad circled in red near the display connector in the picture below.

Here’s a schematic showing how it goes together….

Using a Pro-150 with a hall throttle

After you’ve got it all connected up you will probably need to program the Pro-150 to accept the hall throttle voltages, instructions on how to do this are on this page.