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Parking brake driver

Parking Brake Driver

Regenerative braking relies on the voltage generated by the rotating armature to cause braking so it is speed dependent. If the speed is slow enough there is no effective braking, so the machine will creep down hill.

A parking brake is a mechanical brake which can be fitted to some motors. It is activated by a spring and is released by a voltage supplied by the controller when it requires the motor to rotate. ‘Parking brake’ feature is the electronic switch to activate this parking brake.

The circuit applies power to the brake as the motor starts up and removes the power about a second after the motor stops.

The driver can also be used to switch the field of a shunt wound motor, or to switch an air solenoid or relay to release brakes or for some other purpose.

The parking brake driver fitted to all our controllers is able to drive a nominal 1A maximum.